Tools materials • Basic tools (carpenter’s level, tape measure, garden shovel, trenching spade, wheelbarrow, garden hoe, garden rake) • Rented plate compactor • Stakes • String • Line level • Landscape fabric • Compactible gravel • Interlocking block • Perforated drain tile • Gravel • Hand tamp • Construction-grade adhesive • Capstones • Caulk… Read more

Easy to build SureWall retaining wall systems from Cirtex. The SureWall™ Retaining Wall Posts, provide a simple and easy solution for creating solid retaining walls and sleeper edging. This innovative system has significant labour savings due to minimum excavation and because there are no fasteners required this saves you time and money. One of the great features of the SureWall™ is the flush finish creating a smart, non-obtrusive wall. This also allows for easy garden maintenance.